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Artificial Intelligence is a time of change and opportunity.

As organisations transform their digital space, they face the challenges of visibility, usability, automation, artificial Intelligence and security. We are innovaterd in all these areas.

Larry Brotherton & David Douglas, Co-Founders PMS Ltd

Our Story


Back in 2007, founders David Douglas and Larry Brotherton were working on a business transformation for a fast moving Telecommunications company. They discovered each project manager ran projects their own way with various levels of success and failure. Most people spent days fire fighting to get things done with the majority of their time taken up in update meetings, email response, information search and non-value add work.

David and Larry designed two flexible and repeatable project process models, one standard the other for bespoke projects, which gave everyone clear understanding of what to do, and when, throughout the end-to-end project life-cycle.


David and Larry quickly recognised organisations in other industries had similar process and project issues. With some investment from friends and relatives, the two founded PMS Ltd, and built the first on-line real-time, business process modelling engine platform just as the 2008 financial crash cut operational spending and business owners did not see migration of their business data to the internet a good idea at the time.

With no customers, David and Larry got on with their lives, but still felt they were onto something and so kept the platform alive.

A second chance


One day, in 2019, David had a call from a Telecoms Executive who had seen the application all those years ago, saying it is still unique. The Executive said that he could not find any project management software that came close to giving his team the project oversight that they needed. That call got us back in the game and our journey now continues...

Names and Branding

We are Project Management Software Ltd.

Easy Project Services (EZPS), is our project delivery platform designed to make project delivery and business insight less dark arts and much easier for everyone to do.

Our logo are the six colour chevrons that govern the status of project tasks, phases and risk management.

Our Mission

To help our customers achieve their full potential.

Our Vision

People with passion can change the world for the better, we aim to help them do so, in a big or small way.

What do we mean?

Innovation and the internet of things has truly shrunk the world of commerce. Now any organisation can quickly gain global reach and compete with the best in class. The budding entrepreneurs of today, are disrupters tomorrow.

Our mission, culture and commitment is to not only foster diverse workspace, but also to help create opportunity for people of the diverse world create and be rewarded for their best work. Only through opportunity, can we all learn, adapt and thrive.