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The Elephant in the room

As projects become more challenging, most organisations, large or small, use a complex mix of individual software systems... and spreadsheets. This environment has plenty of room for information to go missing, misunderstanding, re-work, non-value added work, more than one version of the truth. A fragmented systems landscape does not scale well, and holds back business performance.

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Project Management Software

The good news, there is plenty of project management software to choose from. The bad news, most are not suitable for complex projects. Even those integrating with other tools, struggle to provide project oversight.

Gantt Charts and Spreadsheets

Gantt charts and spreadsheets can quickly become complex, with information overload. Resource hungry, they require manual set-up and constant updating.

Manual Reporting

Manual reporting using Word, Gantt charts, Excel and PowerPoint is not only resource hungry and quickly out of date, it is counter productive to scale up and leaves room for more than one version of the truth.

How we help you simplify the management of projects.

The easy-to-use platform uses configurable industry standard templates, which means project set up with milestones and teams allocated to their tasks, can happen in minutes. Each project has its own document storage and in-context integrated set of modules for consistent process and information capture, which is aggregated into dashboards with drill down details and automated reports to lighten your daily work load.

The platform constantly updates in real-time, amongst other things, milestones, predicted project delivery date, actual costs, predicted cost and profit margins, viewed in project and portfolio dashboards or... by mobile phone Q&A voice assist, for project and business performance insight... a world first in our industry.

How EZPS works

EZPS is an easy-to-use online project management platform that runs on both Windows and Mac computers, ready for you to set up your first project and allocate the project team their tasks in minutes. Watch the video to learn more:


For Project Teams, SMEs and the Enterprise, obtain core project capability, with inbuilt team collaboration tools, processes, governance and compliance. Automate project and porfolio management oversight to make your life simpler.

£60 seat/monthTotal £300/month + VAT

  • Automated Project Plans
  • Team Collaboration
  • Risk and Issues Management
  • Automated Project Reports
  • Project Portfolio view
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£99 seat/monthTotal £495/month + VAT

  • Project Compliant PMO
  • Multiple-site Projects
  • Project Financial Reports
  • Project Portfolio Dashboards
  • Mobile Voice QA Reporting
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  • Project Compliant PMO
  • Project Financial Analysis
  • Project Portfolio Dashboards
  • Mobile Voice QA Reporting
  • Module Customisations
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Here is how you can organise and automate your project delivery

Create Project Template
  • Create a new project
  • Select a project template
  • Enter known high-level details
  • Upload any project documents
Edit Project Plan Template
  • Edit the project plan if required
  • Allocate the project team their tasks
  • Allocate any milestones to tasks
  • Once approved, the project can start
Project Phase and Tasks
  • Project phases are quality controlled
  • Project task are in real-time workflow
  • Risk and Issues log in-context of tasks
  • Team collaboration instant messaging
Start and Finish Project Tasks
  • Tasks have instruction
  • Tasks have owners and time stamped
  • Raise a Risk or Issues as required
  • Collaborate using Instant messaging
Project Portfolio Financials
  • Automated financial reports
  • Project, plan, actual, predicted costs
  • Portfolio, plan, actual, predicted costs
  • Profit margins, plan, actual, predicted
Project Portfolio Status
  • Automated project status reports
  • Project and Portfolio are live status
  • Project, plan, actual, predicted dates
  • Milestone, Risk and Issue performance


Key findings of a recent Project Management Survey

84% of the survey respondents have been involved in transformation projects.

The primary drivers of transformation projects indicated by the survey's respondents:

  • 74% Process improvement integration and automation
  • 50% Customer experience improvement
  • 32% Legacy systems replacement with Cloud based and other technology 
  • 27% Upgrade of outdated infrastructure
  • 25% Cost reduction
  • 21% Organisation redesign
KPMG Survey November 2022.
These insights are even more pertinent as we seek to adjust to a new AI operating environment.

Customer Value Proposition

Half the challenge of gaining and retaining new customers for your products or services, is to differentiate yourself from your competitors and how well you deliver on that service. If project delivery is at the heart of your business, your project team performance will determine your level of success in gaining new customers and to your profitability.

Free Value Proposition

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Sales Director

Sales enablement for your pre-sales customer confidence.

Operations Director

Gain end-to-end oversight with one version of the truth.

Finance Director

Obtain financial oversight of planned, actual, predicted costs.

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