Welcome to EZPS

We help you improve repeatable projects delivery performance, with quality, compliance, governance and efficiency, to scale.

Want to see how automation can help you maximise
your resource and improve your finances?

Let your project team be your competitive advantage.

Why Us?

Our Dream

To help our customers achieve their full potential.

Our Purpose

To help every single customer achieve their definition of success, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our Vision

Passionate driven people can reshape a better society...
we gain them more time to do so.

Our Mission

Simplify and automate the management of complex projects delivery to scale, so everyone gains time for what matters most, inside and outside work life.

From the board to on-site and back, centralise your approach to projects.

All project information is held in one intuitive to use central application platform, which maintains one version of the truth and at the same time provides transparency and accountability.

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Designed for people.

Designed for technical and non-technical alike, EZPS has unique design protected screens that simplify and automate the complex in a way not found elsewhere.

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We did say efficient.

EZPS automates the mundane and important so you don't have to. Repeatable templates, workflow, process, risks status and alerts are automated. E-mails can be reduced by 80% or more.

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Instantly understand the full picture.

All relevant project data is rolled up into dashboards and automated reports, no report building required. Better still, the platform predicts in real-time, when projects will complete, the cost and profit margin, based on live project performance. At the SME and Enterprise level of service, you can request this information using your AI voice assistant.

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In-context team collaboration.

Desktop or remote, all project data is real-time. Using mobile phones, site contractors can start and complete tasks or raise issues. Key stakeholders can Q&A with the application for project, portfolio and business performance insight... a world first in our industry.

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Project delivery assurance.

EZPS is designed to be easy to use and at the same time simplify the management of complex projects to a high level of repeatable project delivery success. We help organisations of any size, maximise their resource allocation, and raise the level of their project team delivery performance, for an improved internal external customer experience.

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Your data - safe and secure

We provide role-based security that you control when setting up new users, which can include customers and suppliers. EZPS is an enterprise class platform, designed to support industry regulatory requirements for compliance, data privacy and information security.

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