Commercial Space:

In the dynamic landscape of the commercial space sector, globally everything is changing and scaling fast. The UK space sector does well, but we are in a global race, with a need to continually innovate and commercially scale, our organisations, our throughput of projects, Upstream, Downstream.

UK regional space clusters, consortiums, agencies, and industry collaboration have mobilised to gain ground, in a bid to scale and deliver projects, that serve and safeguard critical infrastructure, to ensure the security and prosperity of our planet.

EZPS, our project portfolio application empowers cluster groups and consortiums to accelerate innovation and adapt, fostering resilient space architectures and rapid prototyping of new Upstream and Downstream technologies.

Our mission is to empower a dependable break from the status quo, fostering a culture of bold action and continuous improvement, to help ensure the UK space sector remains a beacon of progress for generations to come.

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