Compund Semiconductors:

The Compound Semiconductor sector in the UK faces significant challenges, particularly in maintaining its position as a global leader in semiconductor technology while navigating complex supply chain dynamics and ensuring national security. Our project portfolio application EZPS, can play a crucial role in addressing these challenges to help organisations in this sector achieve their goals.

EZPS provides a centralised and secure environment for managing R&D projects, design processes, and intellectual property (IP) related to compound semiconductors. By streamlining project management and collaboration, organisations can accelerate breakthroughs and innovations in semiconductor technologies, driving progress towards next-generation semiconductors.

EZPS enables efficient infrastructure management, including access to essential tools, manufacturing equipment, and infrastructure required for developing designs and manufacturing prototypes. This addresses one of the significant barriers to growth highlighted by the sector—ensuring that young companies and research organisations have the resources they need to innovate and attract investment.

Our application supports supply chain resilience by facilitating collaboration and coordination across the semiconductor ecosystem. With features for tracking strategic initiatives, managing portfolios, and automating compliance processes, organisations can enhance visibility and agility in responding to supply chain disruptions, mitigating risks, and ensuring continuity of operations. We prioritise cybersecurity by integrating hardware security considerations into the design stage of chips. This aligns with the sector's objective of protecting national security and addressing cyber threats. Contact us to find out more.