Regional Defence Clusters, comprising defence and security organisations, government agencies, universities, research institutions, and businesses, face the challenge of working together to exploit innovation and technology in order to create new capabilities that enhance UK defence and security, whilst also increasing regional prosperity.

EZPS, our project management platform serves as a centralised platform for defence project portfolio stakeholders to streamline operations, optimise resource allocation and to deliver repeated project assurance. EZPS provides advanced real-time project portfolio management of task and financial status, risk assessment, and quality assurance features, to enables stakeholders to proactively identify and mitigate risks, and manage supply base performance, in order to deliver on timelines, with high-quality outcomes.

We have developed EZPS, as an easy-to-use turnkey platform that simplifies and automates the management of complex project portfolio oversight. EZPS is dedicated to help the defence sector meet the challenge of increasing project delivery efficiency, robust supply base management, and resiliently scale at speed. Typical on-boarding for 90% of users is less than 30minutes.

Contact us to discover how EZPS can support your defence projects, driving efficiency, resilience, supply base performance and project delivery assurance while keeping projects on track and within planned budgetary constraints.