Motor Sport:

Our project portfolio platform, EZPS, facilitates seamless collaboration among team members and the supply chain spread across different locations. By centralising communication, sharing real-time updates, of status, financial, risks, and managing tasks efficiently, the team can synchronize efforts and accelerate the development and manufacturing of race car developments.

With 100s of dedicated individuals involved in designing, developing, manufacturing, and racing cars, resource management is crucial. Our platform offers robust resource allocation tools, enabling the team to allocate team members, suppliers, materials, and equipment effectively to meet development deadlines and performance targets.

EZPS provides advanced analytics and reporting capabilities, which includes the use of AI, allowing the team to track key performance metrics, identify areas for optimisation, which reaches into the supply base, to make real-time data-driven decisions to enhance race car performance and competitiveness.

Motor sport is a high-stakes environment where risks abound. Our platform includes comprehensive risk management features, enabling the team to identify, assess, and mitigate risks throughout the entire project lifecycle. By proactively addressing potential challenges, such as technical failures or supply chain disruptions, the team can minimise setbacks and maintain a competitive edge on the track.

By leveraging our project portfolio platform's status, financial management and supplier performance monitoring capabilities, motor racing teams can optimise their operational efficiency, maximize their financial resources, and ultimately, enhance performance.Contact us to discover how we can help you save time in operations and on track.