Public Procurement:

Transforming the perception of public procurement from a bureaucratic process to a strategic lever for innovation is crucial for driving meaningful change. Our project portfolio application, EZPS facilitates this transformation by providing decision-makers with tools to position procurement as a creative and innovative process. By leveraging the capabilities of EZPS, public sector leaders can implement innovative procurement strategies at all levels of their organisations, igniting a culture of innovation and supplier performance for better public services.

In the face of increasing policy challenges and citizen expectations, innovative solutions are essential for effective public service delivery. EZPS empowers public sector leaders to embrace innovation as a core element of strategic initiatives. By integrating procurement specialists into the planning stages of projects, our platform ensures that innovative solutions are considered from the outset, driving economic growth, resilience, and better services for local communities.

Successful innovative procurements rely on strong partnerships between customers and suppliers. EZPS facilitates collaboration during the pre-tender process, allowing customers to engage with potential suppliers and explore innovative solutions.

Integrating public purpose into the mission of transforming public procurement is essential for delivering critical services effectively. EZPS supports this integration by promoting flexible and creative procurement functions within commissioning. Expanding the criteria on which contracts are awarded is key to unlocking transformative procurement power. Our platform encourages public sector organisations to define desired outcomes broadly, rethink objective criteria, and balance these factors to deliver the best value solutions. By instilling a "horizon-stretching" mentality, our platform helps organisations leverage the full potential of the Procurement Act 2023 to drive innovation and value for money.

Improving diversity, innovation, and resilience in public procurement requires better support for startups and small to medium-sized businesses. EZPS aligns with this mission by facilitating the removal of barriers to participation for small enterprises. Through streamlined pre-tender participation processes and reduced entry barriers, EZPS empowers small enterprises to compete in public markets and contribute to innovation and economic growth. Contact us to find out how we can help.