The need for most independent network operators (alt-nets) and their investors is to deliver UK fibre roll-out as fast as possible, to meet ambitious targets and deadlines set by the UK Government. As alt-nets scale in size and numbers, costs per mile, or premises passed, will increase, not decrease, through a lack of projects oversight, efficiency, and skills shortage on every level, resulting in a requirement for significant re-investments, to stay in the game.

Increased competition will drive down revenue and undermine business growth strategies, along with accompanying missed targets, and operators will begin to envelop each other, all of which started to happen in late 2023.

Given the complexity of scaling any business, a key challenge for alt-nets is to simplify the management of complex project delivery, whilst maintaining good compliance and governance. Therefore, there is a need for project delivery standardisation, repeatable process, and automation, in order to scale efficiently.

We have developed EZPS, an easy-to-use turnkey platform that simplifies and automates the management of complex project portfolio oversight. EZPS is dedicated to help alt-nets meet the challenge of increasing project delivery efficiency, whilst driving cost reductions and resiliently scale at speed. Typical on-boarding for 90% of users is less than 30minutes.

A happy customer

Nextgenaccess use the EZPS enterprise project portfolio platform for management, governance, compliance and oversight, of their multiple-site telecommunication fibre install projects delivery. Learn more